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Welcome to the board, Jeni Bull. Capt. Reynolds is right with Boats and Harbors, two other places to check is Pinnacle Marine and Coastal Marine. Both specialize in excursion boats. I do a lot of work with excursion vessel operators and will keep my ears open for any leads. Now as to the second part of your thread, I would assume your Dad is Art Bull. Glad to know he's still navigating. Reynolds and some of the old timers on here will be glad to know that the owner of such fine vessels as the LOTTA BULL, BULL DURHAM
BULL HEAD and the FERN is still with us. If my memory serves me right the BETSY ANN was built out of a Simpson Co.boat, the BLUE SEAL. I stopped to see her under construction at Joliet, in I think 1974. On completion she was one heck of a fine boat, big in length and had split sternwheels. I'll check with my Passenger Association friends to see if we can find her.
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